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Our coffee machines are impeccably designed to give your customers unforgettable moments every time. With our modular product portfolio, you can create your ideal solution to meet your and your customers’ needs in terms of performance, operation, size and variety of drinks.

Build your perfect coffee machine easily

Franke has the right coffee machine for your every need so you can deliver the ultimate coffee experience to your customers. With a whole range of innovative products with multiple features, we can help you create the right solution for you. From fully automatic to semi-automatic, each machine reflects the best in Swiss design and craftsmanship. With our commercial coffee machines, you can increase your customers’ choices and broaden opportunities for offering a range of high quality beverages served hot or cold, with or without milk foam or customs syrups. Our professional coffee machines – from small entry-level machines to top-of-the-line products – have been thoughtfully designed to be flexible to accommodate you.

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Choose the features you want

Franke machines can be configurated to fit your business needs with a variety of additional specifications and add-ons we offer. Our machines are fitted with industry-leading automatic cleaning systems making maintenance simpler to care for so your employees can focus on other tasks. We also offer iQFlow™, a groundbreaking innovation that creates unrivaled in-cup quality by extractive more flavor out of every bean. The Flavor Station can provide your customers up to six different flavors through an automatic dosing system. We additionally have cooling units that can store various type of milk and milk alternatives, and a FoamMaster™ milk preparation system, which offers unlimited and programmable foam consistency choices.

The modular system on our machines means you can choose and configure the type and amount of add-ons you need for your business. Whether you want one or two grinders, different steam wands, powder milk capabilities, iQFlow™, or other features, our machines are designed to be tailored.

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Digitally enhance your coffee offering

Beyond machines, Franke offers a range of Digital Services to help your business become more agile and responsive so you can deliver consistently high-quality beverages and customer experiences. You can connect your coffee machine fleet across multiple sites and regions to our cloud so you can get real-time commercial and operational insights you need to improve your business and drive sales. Any operational shortcomings and machine functionality is alerted immediately so you have less downtime in your service. Our telemetry gives you full access across drinks, promotions and locations so you can increase footfall, throughput and profit.

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Ready to start your premium coffee journey?

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